This site provides data under the class topics listed above for the subject Arguments, Evidence and Intuition.

This material is to support students to engage with Indigenous projects in this subject. The topics are shown on the left hand menu.


Justice Reinvestment

Justice Reinvestment is a program that has been developed with indigenous people in Australia, US, Canada and other countries to look at cultural methods of handling juvenile incarceration amongst Indigenous youth. http://www.justreinvest.org.au/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/Justice-Reinvestment-in-Bourke_Briefing-paper-Aug-2013.pdf One of the main Aboriginal Australian groups involved in piloting the program is Murdi Paaki out western NSW. http://www.mpra.com.au/law-and-justice Also see their report …

Treaty or not?

There has been many years of consultation with Aboriginal communities, culminating with the meeting at Uluru of the 2017 National Constitution Convention. As a result this statement was produced and agreed to by most participants: Uluru_Statement_From_The_Heart_0 The Referendum Council presented its final report https://www.referendumcouncil.org.au/. However the Prime Minister at the time refused to follow these guidelines …

Basics Card

The Basic Card was introduced in 2007 by the Federal Government as part of Income Management with the aim to prevent people spending money on grog and drugs. The card can only be used at prescribed stores and for prescribed items. Most of the money received by people on government benefits is through this card. …


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