Treaty or not?

There has been many years of consultation with Aboriginal communities, culminating with the meeting at Uluru of the 2017 National Constitution Convention. As a result this statement was produced and agreed to by most participants:


The Referendum Council presented its final report However the Prime Minister at the time refused to follow these guidelines as the way forward on recognition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in Australia.

So where to from here? What does the Aboriginal community want, and what would benefit all Australians most going forward? Hre are some differing views:

Clearly the present situation is fraught and the increasing suicides in remote communities amongst youth is only part of the effects of this. There is also the fact that language speakers are disappearing for many languages, where these languages hold much information about the country of the people speaking them. There is ongoing monitoring of the living situation for Indigenous people in Australia shown in the Close the Gap statistics:

Will a treaty or Makarrata solve these issues, if so how?

Does all the Aboriginal community support this process, if not what are the reservations?

There are many comments in the media worth reading, such as



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